Message of Allah (God)
While many of us humans from all believes attempt to complicate the message of GOD, his message is rather simple.   God had sent his line of Prophets starting with Noa (Peace be upon Him) to bring us a message of unification, understanding, charity, and humanity.  The intention was not to divide us into sects that fight each other for their interpretation of the message.  So, it does not matter who you follow, the message is the same and by definition, you are the follower of all the Prophets and the message their brought to us.  All religions and individuals who claim to be followers of any one of these Prophets must unite in brotherhood.  If you call yourself a Christian, then follow the word of Christ and contemplate how Christ (PBH) and Mohammad (PBH) would have interacted.

So a follower of Christ (PBH) is the brother of a follower of Mohammad (PBH) who is the brother of a follower of Moses (PBH)  who is the brother of any good human being no matter what their religion.
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